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  • Zapraszamy do oddziału

    Zapraszamy do oddziału

    Zapraszamy do oddziału

    Oddział - Muzeum Literackie w Nałęczowie
    Filia - Muzeum Stefana Żeromskiego

Stefan Żeromski Museum

Wersja do druku Poleć znajomemu

The museum is housed in the former study owned by the writer built in 1905 to designs by Jan Koszczyc-Witkiewicz. It is a one-chamber structure with a porch that is supported on columns, and shingles-covered roof. Its shape follows the neo-vernacular Zakopane style in building. The windows, with an east prospect, and covering the entire wall of the gable, suffuse the place with sunshine from early morning. Chata - the cabin - was Zeromski’s favourite place paid for with the earnings from one of his best known novel, Popioly (The Ashes), and where he actually wrote some of his later novels. Behind the cabin, in the lower-lying part of the grounds, there is the Mausoleum of Adam Zeromski, son of Octavia and Stefan, who died of TB at the age of eighteen. The slim structure of undressed natural limestone, designed by Jan Koszczyc-Witkiewicz,  was built in 1922.