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  • Zapraszamy do oddziału

    Zapraszamy do oddziału

    Zapraszamy do oddziału

    Oddział - Muzeum Regionalne w Kraśniku
    Filia - Muzeum 24 Pułku Ułanów

Krasnik Regional Museum

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Budynek MRK

The inception of this museum in 1976 is connected with the 600th anniversary of Krasnik’s foundation. Its holdings comprise regional historical and ethnographic collections and – above all –archaeological finds recognized much farther afield. The ethnographic collection covers items showing the culture and folk art of the area. Among the most interesting exhibits there is a group of ceramics from Urzedow from the 18th c to the present day, and a large set of items that show material culture and religious ritual art of the village communities.
Among the historical exhibits one should mention the tomes from the library of the Monastery of Regular Canons, numerous documents from WWII, photos of the town’s old days and lives of its inhabitants.
Worth noting are the military collections from both World Wars, including army equipment.
Archaeological exhibits come mainly from the museum’s own excavations, like the Bronze Age cremation burial in Swieciechow, late La Tené period burial in Pikule and Roman burial ground in Krasnik-Piaski.
From the excavation at Zamczysko – the property of the former owners of the town – come precious exhibits and numerous research ideas.
Permanent exhibitions: The home and the farmstead, Schlacht by Krasnik

This section was open on 6 July 1995, the day which marked the 75th anniversary of the 24th Uhlan Regiment stationed in Krasnik between 1922 and 1939. The collection was transferred from the historic section of the Regional Museum to the new premises at J. Pilsudski Street no. 7. Three exposition chambers display history of the Regiment. There are over two thousand objects and photographs, among them of particular interest is a collection of several dozen military uniforms and gear, pictures, drawings by eminent artists who were soldiers, collections of personal souvenirs, decorations and photos of the ulhans, silver objects d’art, like the candlesticks used at field religious services, sporting awards. The collection in Krasnik now holds most of the Regiment’s archives, previously kept at the Gen. Sikorski Institute in London, original staff maps of Normandy, as well as a replica of the Regiment colours founded in 1978 by former soldiers and other donors. The Museum has now become a centre integrating the former soldiers and sympathizers of the Regiment. It not only popularises the ulhan tradition, but publishes a bulletin under the title ‘Communiqué of the 24th Ulhan Regiment Circle.’Every year there is the commemorative day of the Regiment celebrated on the 6th of July.