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    Wystawa malarstwa ze zbiorów Muzeum Narodowego w Lublinie

Undiscovered Woman

Wersja do druku Poleć znajomemu

english version

Department of Polish Medieval History and Economic History
Institute of History
Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (UMCS)

Lublin Museum

An Undiscovered Woman- from Antiquity to Modern Era

the academic conference
22-23 September 2016

September-October 2016

Conference venue Faculty of Humanities UMCS
Plac Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 4a

The research on the place, meaning and manner of perceiving women who lived in the past has for quite a long time been within the sphere of historians’ interests, the expression of which is the increasing number of publication on that particular subject. However, so far the scholarly focus has been placed primarily on women from the privileged social strata and communities. Numerous discussions were therefore dedicated to the historical figures of queens, female representatives of aristocratic families or rich middle classes, who were then usually presented through the prism of their social roles or professions, typical for the given historical period and cultural circles.
Female images captured on the photographs from the past are in many respects remarkable documents. Portraits made in photography studios are usually very serious. The stylised poses captured on camera are the same, regardless of the age of models. The only changes, taking place in accordance with fashion of a given period, occur in clothing and hairstyle. On the other hand, situational photographs are different in nature. They are a record of life of the city and countryside as well as of the daily activities performed by women. Photographs from family albums also have an extraordinary value. They immortalise the emotional moments accompanying various stages of life. All of the above-mentioned types of photographs are invariably combined by the figure of a female character, an unknown woman.

Text: dr Anna Obara-Pawłowska (UMSC), Małgorzata Surmacz (Lublin Museum)
Translation: Anna Miączewska (UMCS)
Designed by: Sebastian Górski, Janusz Stasiak (Lublin Museum)
Edited by: Magdalena Janik, Ewa Kuszyk-Peciak (Lublin Museum)

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Women - January Uprising

Women - Marriage

Women - Motherhood

Women -  Folk costumes

Women - Folk customs (rites)

Women - World War I


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Women -Trading

Women - Literature

Women - Sport

Women - Education (learning)

Women - School

Women - World War II