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  • Zapraszamy do oddziału

    Zapraszamy do oddziału

    Zapraszamy do oddziału

    Oddział - Muzeum Literackie w Nałęczowie
    Filia - Muzeum Bolesława Prusa

Bolesław Prus Museum

Wersja do druku Poleć znajomemu

Pałac Małachowskich

Biographical-literary museum devoted to the outstanding writer of the Polish Positivism is housed in some chambers in the Malachowski Palace where the author stayed frequently  during summer holidays. The museum collects memorabilia and materials to document Prus’s life and literary career with special stress on his links with Naleczow-Spa, whose Spa Baths he furthered and propagated, and his homeland – the region of Lublin. His numerous visits there are retained in some of the local names, like the Prus Hill and Ravine, Prus Cabin and the name of the local Public Library.