The history of prison in the Castle and in the house “Under the Clock”

Wersja do druku Poleć znajomemu
The exhibition in the underground of former office of Sicherheitspolizei includes period of activity of prison in the Castle between 1939 and 1954. However this exhibition is mainly related to the most terrible times of prison with was German occupation (1939-1944). The Castle and building “Under the Clock” became the symbol of martyr, as well as symbol of patriotism and heroism of Polish nation.
Main part of exhibition are original cells and prison passage of former Gestapo prison. The exhibition starts in the cell which is reconstructed and looks like between 1940 and 1944. Several inscription, making by prisoners, were found under coat of plaster. There are also presented fragments of prisoners account describing interrogations. This exhibition also includes photographs and register of Castle prisoners, who were killed in executions or concentration camps.
Part of this exhibition is related to activity of prison in the Castle between 1939 and 1944. There are presented conditions existing in the prison, as well as the ways of help for prisons by society of Lublin. You can also find prison remembrance (a rosary made of bread, child’s shoes, a belt made of string, a playing card and others). The exhibition also includes documents related to functioning of prison in the Castle after 1944.